Logo Design

Here is a selection of logos designed for clients and various projects. Not Included: my Pirate Bunny logo. (I thought you'd be sick of looking at it by now.)

Craft Crate Logo

Craft Crate

Craft Crates are stackable growler crates handcrafted to carry that most precious cargo: craft beer. The crates are a combination of old and new techniques, like traditional wood joinery combined with a laser cutter. The logo represents these various elements.


Politakers podcast

Politakers is a weekly podcast hosted by Collin Eagle and Joe Freedom. They discuss a wide range of topics involving current events. The name is a portmanteau of 'politics' and 'hot takes,' in case you were wondering how to pronounce it.


Vasile Vincent - Blacksmith

Blacksmiths traditionally use a touchmark to mark their work. This logo is based on the blacksmith's own touchmark, which is a stylized take on his initials. Since he makes beautiful knives and other sharp tools, the letters were designed to represent sharpness and precision.