Color Story: 'Fury' Painting

Color Story: 'Fury' Painting

  • Part of the Color Story series

  • Blue, black, and iridescent green

  • Painting feature raised textures on the surface

  • Painting continues onto 1/2” profile

  • Size: 8.5'“ x 11”

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“Color Story” is a non-representation series exploring the use of only color and texture to express complex ideas. This painting is titled “Fury” and features deep blues, dark grey & blacks, iridescent green, and deep textured patterns. Layers of scraped surfaces under a matte finish tell the story of how anger is more than a white hot rage. It can make you feel dull and damaged inside. The painting is designed to be hung raw with the 1/2” profile exposed (the paint continues around the outside edge). Artwork size: 8.5” x 11”